Welcome to Conductar: Moogfest

A site-specific installation commissioned for Moogfest 2014.

Conductar: Moogfest is an immersive augmented-reality experience, layered on top of the entire city of Asheville. Moogfest goers are invited to wander the city and conduct a generative audio-visual world through movement and their neurological response to the environment. Inspired by the psychogeographical concept of "Dérive," the installation runs on a mobile app connected to a brainwave sensor. As festival goers drift from one venue to the next, they will collectively compose new electronic music with the electrical activity of their brains (EEG data). This music, and the corresponding visual world, will exist uniquely for each user. Every minute of Moogfest, the immersive world will evolve, both sonically and visually. The entire city becomes a virtual canvas to compose and explore through each footstep.

For the full experience please connect the app to a neurosky mindwave mobile headset. This device reads your brain’s electrical activity. The brainwave sensors are available onsite for free for the duration of moogfest. For those not at the festival you may purchase the brainwave sensors online. Connecting the headset to your app is simple and only requires bluetooth pairing.

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